Two-thirds of executives and managers now say that social and environmental issues are significant or very significant concerns for their business. Yet only 10 percent say they are fully addressing these issues. That’s a big gap. Why?

Because actually making sustainability happen—at scale, and with the speed required—poses some major practical leadership challenges.

When business teams really get the “what and why” of sustainability and can couple that knowledge with a mix of leadership skills to make real change in their companies― sustainability and its advantages become a core part of how they do business.

But with everything else on your plate, how can you learn and hone a workable combination of leadership skills you know you need to make sustainability real?

In response to these challenges, the Morris County and New Jersey Chambers of Commerce and ISE (Institute for Sustainable Enterprise at FDU) are proud to sponsor our sustainability leadership training. The purpose is to ensure that business managers and executives in all job functions are equipped with both the why and the how of sustainability as quickly as possible.

Attention on sustainability has to reach beyond the C-suite. The company’s managers and executives need to know how to build out, not just stop with grabbing sustainability’s low hanging fruit. To reap the significant benefits they need to address what’s really at stake and why it’s important,-not by becoming a lone voice but by leaders working cooperatively across all functions.

This fall we’re offering a huge opportunity for you to participate in a new kind of leadership training―one that gets at the hands-on, nuts-and-bolts of actually running a profitable, socially responsible company. For you as a leader that means you’ll be able to get not only operations experience, but also marketing, finance, human resources, IT and supply chain management skills. One reason this can be done so quickly is the program uses gamification.

Gamification use is rising in business because it’s very effective in helping people discover, learn and practice hard-core business skills (including the human side) in a risk-free environment. While it’s still an emerging arena, gamification has demonstrated an enormous potential to help people learn rapidly while gaining insights about real advantages sustainability holds for their business. And doing all this in days, rather than years.

That’s why we’re so pleased to offer this three-day, targeted leadership training course, September 18th, October 9 and 16th (plus four evening virtual sessions) that applies a cutting-edge learning model. The Program is LeaderShip for Sustainability. It features the GlobStrat strategic business simulation. In this exciting, fast-paced gamification platform, you and your team actually run a business―develop strategies, make decisions, roll them out, and see the short-term and long-term sustainability results.

Along with classroom instruction, participants play the GlobStrat online business simulation where teams compete head-to-head to build and grow a triple-bottom-line company. Each team starts with $28M total assets to run their company over 5 years, completely risk-free.

The game forces players to wrangle with balance sheets, weigh debt decisions, and balance competing priorities across functions and for the company as a whole. Many non-finance program alums report that this gave them a completely new understanding and appreciation of the CFO’s role in achieving sustainable outcomes.

As valuable as the program sessions are, what’s really important is that participants can take what they’ve learned back to their companies and use it. During the final part of the final day each participant presents what they’ve learned―the leaps forward as well as the hard lessons―and how they plan to apply it, what they will do to increase sustainability to the benefit of their company.

Here are two examples:
After taking this course last year, a director of global products & portfolio stewardship at a major consumer products company, successfully garnered previously elusive support for further integrating sustainability throughout the entire organization.

Another class alum, an HR director at a manufacturing firm, was able to apply what she learned to discuss the real financial benefits of sustainability with her CFO. She won his approval to start an environmental management system and quantify energy savings at the company.

No matter what your job title, ultimately, business success comes down to leadership. We each have a role to play in responsibly managing our planet’s resources and making a positive contribution to society, while generating profits.

Our program will be held September 18th, October 9th and 16th, at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, 325 Columbia Turnpike, Suite 101, Florham Park, NJ 07932. There will also be 4 virtual evening sessions September 21st & 30th and October 7th & 14th.

Networking and support: The course continues beyond the face to face program with three in-depth follow-up conference calls to help you apply what you learned to your company’s goals and challenges. And you’ll join a community of fellow program alums that include senior and middle level leaders from Alcatel-Lucent, Alcoa, BASF, Brighton USA, Church and Dwight, DSM, GM, Honeywell, Ingersoll Rand, Lockheed Martin, Mars, Novartis, Rabobank, Sanofi, and Windels Marx.

Based on feedback from past participants, we are confident this leadership program can help you catalyze positive changes in your organization, and increase profitability.

Download our brochure and learn more about how this highly-acclaimed and transformational program can give you the power to make change happen.

Please take a look at the program description and register today. Seats are filling up.

You may RSVP to us directly or contact us for further information, or register here. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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