Sustainability Assessments

The Transitioning to Green (TTG) Sustainability Assessment is a methodology specifically designed for organizations that have made or would like to make a commitment to becoming “Holistically Sustainable” and need help systematically identifying opportunities, evaluating financial and non-financial performance impacts, and taking practical action steps towards that goal.

Sustainability Assessments:

  • Clarify your understanding of current performance levels
  • Co-create your 3 to 5 year corporate vision
  • Establish pragmatic program budgets with quantified financial and non-financial performance targets
  • Guide you throughout the implementation journey

Every TTG Sustainability Assessment is tailored to the client’s needs. We guide you in establishing your corporate value chain system conditions, and analyzing opportunities across five interconnected core components. We ensure that you are getting a holistic view of your business that concludes with financial and non-financial impact analysis, and a strategic roadmap for your journey to create a sustainable and profitable future.

Sustainability Facilities
The built environment or built capital relevant to your company includes: real estate holdings and land use, transportation systems, capital equipment, utilities and technology infrastructure. These are the long term historic assets which the company has enjoyed and are important elements of corporate culture. Facilities assessments begin with an understanding and review of your current situation.

Effective and efficient stewardship of the “natural capital” resources flowing through facilities to produce the goods and services is a core aspect of improving sustainable performance. Holistic resource management appreciates how natural capital stewardship requires an interconnected approach that touches every core assessment element. Our holistic assessments review a comprehensive set of resource efficiency activities.

Beginning with our proven “Profitability Modeling Program,” our assessment provides customized benchmarks for a comprehensive playbook of near-term sustainability actions. The expectation is to return your investments within 3-5 years and provide a range of cash flow and profitability improvement targets which can be directly measured within your cost accounting system.

You know that it is your employees who make the company what it is. This “human capital” really is your most valuable asset. Investments in people and engaging your employees often have the highest financial returns of any opportunity analyzed. We begin by cataloging the many good programs and initiatives you are already providing. We work with you to build upon these existing programs by assessing the costs and return expectations for a mix of possible new initiatives. Ultimately, holistic sustainability fills a gap in performance measures to become a mainstream “way of being” that is simply your corporate culture.

Value Chain
No company can be sustainable by itself. It operates within a complete value chain of suppliers, competitors, customers and the communities within which you operate and your customers enjoy your products. Our sustainability assessment of these “social capital” assets includes initial analysis of upstream and downstream risks and opportunities throughout the lifecycle of material flows and environmental and social impacts.

Sustainability Assessment Deliverables
Once your sustainability assessment is complete you will have a detailed report with baseline performance data and a roadmap and next steps customized to your unique financial and non-financial performance objectives to get you started on your journey to becoming a Holistically Sustainable organization.

Learn more: Download our Sustainability Assessment brochure.