Learning & Development

Our Approach to Learning & Development

When conditions in the world around us are stable enough that we can rely on expert predictions, getting better and better at what has worked in the past makes sense. But, when the world around us changes significantly, we have to re-evaluate what we do and how we do it.

In a changing world is were we find ourselves today, Our world has changed on multiple fronts – economic, social, and environmental. Across the globe people are experiencing extreme weather: devastating drought punctuated by intense wildfires or once-in-a-thousand-years torrential flooding rains have affected millions. And then there are pandemics. Our old normal is shredded. Events have repositioned sustainability to be front and center in personal and business concerns.

Now is the time to position sustainability at the heart of your work as well.

How Transitioning to Green Helps You and Your Business

We help you integrate sustainability into your business strategy, and build a framework for supporting your Triple-Bottom-Line success.

We provide practical information, skills-development, and a range of implementation methods you need to get started, keep going, and anticipate future options for thriving. Our training is designed so that you can put what you have learned to work the very day you return to the office or facility.

Transitioning to Green Courses

We customize our programs to meet you where you are on your journey to sustainability and help you move forward. We provide you the flexibility of on-site and virtual delivery options to best meet your need to develop the strategic centrality of sustainability throughout your organization.

With our comprehensive modular portfolio of workshops, courses, and training, you build the necessary skills and competencies for your present and future organization success. Our learning and development courses cover sustainability as it relates to all functional specializations, including: Sustainability in Operations Courses (facilities, buildings, material, and natural resources); Supply Chain and Procurement; Marketing, Communications and Social Networking; Employee Engagement and HR; and Finance, Strategic Integration, & Metrics Courses.

Our courses are a progressive series of employee engagement, training and development activities designed to align personal values, business objectives, and global sustainability goals. They are built on our experience creating: The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook, college sustainability course curricula, and professional organization workshops and research. Our trainers have real-world experience in their subject matter.

Strategic Learning for Sustainability Courses and Workshops

  • Short Takes (1 hour): Have fun and build team understanding while connecting your own lifestyle choices with global sustainability issues that affect us all. Engage in online interactive activities to see how sustainability is shows up in your daily life, and how personal choices you make as individuals impact the environment and the distribution of shared finite resources.
  • Lunch ‘N Learns (2 hours): Advance best practice to further green your functions, align with company sustainability goals across functions. Engage and explore transformational opportunities within your functions.
  • Deep Dive Programs (Half, Full, and Multi-Day): Today a new reality is emerging in which sustainability is not only a key concern but also a pivotal driver that is essential to your company’s future. Participants work though strategic scenarios collaboratively, developing and upgrading skills to succeed sustainably. Deep Dives engage people in building both the foundations and practices for embedding a sustainability focus while aligning personal values and objectives with and company mission and goals.

Course Outcomes

• Heightened awareness of practical approaches to further sustainable business

• How each function affects your company today, and in the future

• Understand transformational opportunities within your function

• Increased employee engagement, productivity, and retention

Learn more about our Sustainability courses and programs. Download TTG_Strategic Learning for Sustainability Programs.