Learning & Development

Our comprehensive modular portfolio of functionally-specific training builds the necessary skills and competencies for your present and future organization success. Our training courses cover sustainability as it relates to all functional specializations, including: Sustainability in Operations Courses (facilities, buildings, material, and natural resources); Supply Chain and Procurement; Marketing, Communications and Social Networking; Employee Engagement and HR; and Finance, Strategic Integration, & Metrics Courses.

Our courses can be delivered live in person as full or half-day formats, in lunch and learns, or online.

Transitioning to Green courses help integrate sustainability into your business strategy, and build a framework for supporting your Triple-Bottom-Line success. We customize our programs to meet you where you are on your journey to sustainability and help you move forward. We provide you the flexibility of on-site and virtual delivery options to best meet your needs. Our Vision, Goal-setting, and Strategic Planning Training Workshops help you design a Sustainability Blueprint that demonstrates the strategic centrality of sustainability throughout your organization.

Our Approach to Learning & Development
Our courses are built on our experience creating: The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook”, college sustainability course curricula, and professional organization workshops and research. Our trainers have real-world experience in their subject matter. Some courses allow online interaction via websites, software tools, and other relevant resources
to give the participants actual use experience. We provide practical information and a range of implementation methods to help you get started and familiarize you with future options. Our training is designed so that you can put what you have learned to work the very day you return to the office or facility.

Our Courses and Workshops

  • Sustainability in Operations Courses provide processes, tools, case examples, and exercises for designing and implementing holistic sustainability programs.
  • Sustainability in Marketing, Communications & Social Networking is an interactive workshop demonstrating how to create authentic marketing and communications messages, programs, and campaigns for your products and services to strengthen brand and loyalty while avoiding greenwashing.
  • Employee Engagement & Training Programs benefit your company’s green programs by rounding out your sustainability focus. Productivity and job satisfaction increase significantly when people engage in meaningful work aligned with their personal and company values.

Finance, Strategic Integration, & Metrics Courses show how to adapt traditional strategy and performance measurement approaches to improve green and sustainability results.

  1. Key Benefits and Learning Outcomes
    • Gain competitive advantage in many areas:
    • Cost savings (Water, Energy, and Waste)
    • Customer and client preference
    • Employee engagement, productivity, and retention
    • Regulation
  2. Learn skills to design and implement green business practices
  3. Become more effective at aligning and engaging stakeholders in your sustainability initiatives

Course Outcomes

Sustainability in Operations Courses

  • Evaluate your own facilities and business processes through program areas such as energy or water efficiency, life-cycle analysis, and lean manufacturing
  • Assess and engage with your suppliers, customers, and relevant stakeholders to green your business value chain

Sustainability in Marketing, Communications & Social Networking

  • Sustainability Context and Global Trends for Marketers and Product Developers
  • Sustainable Marketing and Branding Practices
  • Outreach through Sustainable Communications Practices & Social Networks

Employee Engagement and Training Programs

  • Achieve increased employee satisfaction
  • Develop profiles for “green jobs” and career paths
  • Increase employee attraction and retention

Finance, Strategic Integration, and Metrics Courses

  • Appropriate integration of Balanced Scorecards; Six Sigma; Baldrige and SWOT analysis, and GEMI
  • Overviews of existing and emerging standards and certifications
  • Sustainability metrics for global, regional, and local measures
  • Sustainability reporting for investors and other external stakeholders
  • Product metrics approaches and tools to measure life-cycle analysis, ecological and carbon footprints, and more.

Learn more about our Sustainability courses and programs. Download our TTG_Strategic Learning for Sustainability Programs_020521.