Bridge from the Grey Economy to a Green Economy


Are you looking to build a bridge to a more sustainable, flourishing and thriving future? We design and deliver programs that engage, enlighten, activate, and empower your people for higher personal and enterprise sustainability performance, We will enable your organization with the knowledge, skills, mindsets, tools, and techniques to better understand sustainability as it relates to your purpose, your business objectives, your people and other key stakeholders (including society and the planet).

We provide off-the-shelf and fully customized programs that put a sustainability lens on your existing and new enterprise mechanisms in order to address the diverse needs of your business and our audiences. Every program is facilitated by our experts with over 20 years of sustainability and business expertise. Below is a sampling of some of the programs we have designed that may be a good fit for your organization. They include exciting, immersive, informative, and interactive short programs and lunch n’ learn sessions to help move your enterprise through progressively higher stages of sustainability performance.

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Short Takes (1 hour)

Have fun and build team understanding while connecting your own lifestyle choices with global sustainability issues. Engage in online interactive activities to see how sustainability is embedded in your daily life, and how personal choices you make as individuals impact the environment and the distribution of shared finite resources.

Lunch ’n Learn series (2 hours)

Advance best practice to further green your functions, and align with company sustainability goals across functions. Engage and explore transformational opportunities within your functions. Learn how to further green your functions and align with your company’s sustainability goals.

Focus on areas in your organization that require improvements such as Greening your Procurement and Supply Chain, Facilities and Operations, Finance, and Marketing.


✦ Fun interactive activity or exercise followed by a discussion where observation, reflection, and feedback will be facilitated

✦ Best practices, standards, and case examples within your function



We only have one earth to support our lives. The resources available to us are limited. How much of it do you consume to support your lifestyle? The Ecological Footprint is the unique metric that measures how much nature we have and how much of that nature we use. You will take the Global Footprint Network Quiz to see your unique ecological footprint. Engage and learn how you can reduce your footprint and responsibly journey across the bridge into the future.



Learn how your personal choices impact shared or “common” resources. We enjoy the use of resources including running water, energy, and easy access to food, yet how often do we stop to think about how our actions (often motivated by self-interest) affect these resources and everyone else who relies on them? We invite you to participate in an online interactive activity to experience how your individual actions impact other people and shared resources. Explore how collaboration, communication and alignment with other people enable sustainable use, fair distribution, and preservation of the planet’s “common” resources



This session helps teams discover principles underlying high performance, so they can realize their potential to becoming innovative, collaborative, high-performing teams to support sustainable enterprises. While teams have become enormously popular, they are not always effective. Many teams have the potential to accomplish amazing results that individuals could never achieve, but lack of trust, fear of conflict, avoidance of accountability, and other barriers such as power dynamics all too often get in the way.