Transitioning to Green's Personal Sustainability Guide

Transitioning to Green's Personal Sustainability Guide

Transitioning to Green’s Personal Sustainability Guide

What each of us does makes a difference to the sustainability of our world. Some simple changes we can make have real and beneficial effects. Areas of high impact are Food, Homes and Buildings, Transportation, Waste, and Carbon Footprint. This Guide gives you some context information and suggestions about where and how to start. None of us can do everything. Each of us can do something. This Guide offers inspiring ideas for things each of us can do in our everyday lives.

William Russell, Linda Morris Kelley, Jeana Wirtenberg, and the Transitioning to Green team
July 1, 2022

Wirtenberg, J., White Paper, May, 2021. “Reskilling for the Future of Work” is a foundational document which was widely disseminated in advance of the June 23rd launch of a multi-sector high-level working group, subsequent to the Future of Work Symposium held on March 26th.

Wirtenberg, J., 2011. Sustainable Enterprise for the 21st Century. Chapter 4, Volume I (of 3 Volumes), S.G. McNall, J.C.Hershauer and G.Basile, (Editors), The Business of Sustainability: Trends, Policies, Practices and Stories of Success, Santa Barbara, Ca: ABC-CLIO, 67-88.

November, 2010. “PR Can — and Should — Help Companies Make Their Transition to ‘Green’” by Jeana Wirtenberg and RoseAnn Alspektor, PR News’: Guide to Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Green PR, Volume 4.

Journal: 2010 Special Issue of People & Strategy “Transitioning to the Green Economy

Human Resources (HR) thought leader Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D. is building bridges with HR professionals to link talent with the opportunity to transition organizations into the green economy. Jeana founded Transitioning to Green LLC consulting services when she “had the epiphany that HR leaders must step up and play a stronger role in moving organizations toward sustainability. It will be the people in organizations and not technology alone that will make the transition to a green economy possible.” As People & Strategy’seditor for organizational effectiveness and the editor for the just published Special Issue of People & Strategy “Transitioning to the Green Economy” Jeana gathered multidisciplinary thought leaders and compelling case studies from around the world pointing to the need for HR’s role in the sustainability movement. This must read latest issue of People & Strategy is available for purchasing at or contact Theresa Wojtalewicz at for hard copies and multiple reprints.

“My big thanks go to Jeana for putting together this thought‐provoking issue, full of intriguing and necessary insights, research, case studies and book reviews on how business can become more sustainable and the role HR should play in guiding this transformation. We are very fortunate to have her thought leadership on this essential topic”, said Ed Gubman Ph.D., People & StrategyExecutive Editor.” Jeana’s hope is that, “with this Special Issue, ‘Transitioning to the Green Economy’, we have achieved our goal of simultaneously advancing the field of human resources and helping define HR’s role in effecting the transition to the green economy. Working together we can create a sustainable future—for our businesses and our world. There is no reasonable alternative, as there is no business in a society that fails. We have an awesome opportunity. Let’s rise to the occasion together.”