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Isn’t it normal to have a Geoexchange system to harvest energy?

The fight against climate change is a steep, uphill one. So much needs to change- industries, building design, sources of power generation. It’s all very daunting. However, the lowest hanging fruit of all has not even been properly used yet - human behavior. Stores, offices, houses, keep all the lights on all day, the air [...]

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The 2030 Challenge: Unleashing Ingenuity to Achieve Carbon Neutrality for Buildings to Combat Climate Change

  According to the U.S. Energy Administration, the building sector accounts for nearly 50% of all energy consumed and almost 75% of fossil fuels (liquid, gas, or coal) consumed in the U.S. Byway of comparison, this is about the same amount of energy consumption as the transportation and industrial sectors combined, which consume about 30% [...]

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