How Big Business Can Help Small Business Become More Sustainable

A Virtuous Cycle with Benefits for All
​By Jeana Wirtenberg

In this guest blog by Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D., she discusses her latest book, and her role at the upcoming Verizon Sustainability Summit. She is the co-founder and senior adviser at the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise. Why would giant global businesses like Verizon, Alcoa, Sanofi, and Wyndham Worldwide invest their valuable time and money to support small businesses in becoming more sustainable? I say, “Why wouldn’t they?”

Sustaining profits: Going green can improve the bottom line, even for small businesses

​By Brett Johnson NJ BIZ September 8, 2014

Transitioning to Green CEO Jeana Wirtenberg: “95 percent of sustainable projects are either cost-neutral or positive.”

Small business owners have offered sustainability gurus every excuse in the book. Their plans for eco-friendly infrastructure reforms were shelved because they were a resource drain … their 200-page-long PowerPoint presentation about energy efficiency was disregarded because, well, it’s 200 pages … they can’t even think about going green because it takes too much green.

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An article by Jeana Wirtenberg introducing the concept of Leadership Development 3.0: Triple Bottom Line Leadership for the 21st Century, which appears in the June 2012 issue of Leadership Excellence: “Triple-Bottom-Line: This is Leadership Development 3.0” in Leadership Excellence, June 2012.