By Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD, president and CEO of Transitioning to Green

With talented business people squarely in the driver’s seat, I believe we can create an inspiring, engaging path to solving our most intractable problems. As the corporate agenda moves from reducing harm to acknowledging the critically important role business plays in the well-being of society, the new agenda will be based on shared value for sustainable progress. First we need to unlock and unleash the incredibly talented people in organizations who want purpose, passion, challenge, and meaning in their work. Given the statistics on lack of engagement of workers worldwide, we are sitting on a remarkable, underutilized pool of talent that must be applied to designing businesses that actually increase prosperity for all.

I firmly believe we can align the aspirational goals of business and society by creating environments where all the talent — millennials, GenXers, and baby boomers alike — are engaged in purposeful and meaningful work. Here are five keys to doing just that.  Read more on HUFFPOST BUSINESS, Great Work Cultures…


Insights from Climate Week NYC 2015

Effectively combating climate change is imperative in achieving a more sustainable world. Therefore, Trina Mallik from Transitioning to Green attended four key events at Climate Week NYC 2015. Each of these events focused on the role of business in affecting positive change and successful outcomes at COP21 in Paris. Her report provides highlights, takeaways, and major insights that can illuminate the essential role that business is already playing, and help create the necessary momentum to translate that potential into reality on a global scale.

Against the backdrop of the Pope also talking about climate change, countries submitting their climate change plans in the lead up to Paris, including the shock and awe of China announcing a cap and trade plan to begin in 2017, it was definitely an exciting week.

The Climate Group’s Climate Week NYC, which occurs every year to coincide with the UN’s General Assembly, where 150 world leaders meet, took place this year from September 21-28. This year’s General Assembly focused on the development of the Sustainable Development Goals, the successor to the Millennium Development Goals, which includes action on climate change. Furthermore, in December 2015 there will be the UN conference in Paris to negotiate a global agreement on climate change policy. The excitement is sky high that this year the outcome will live up to the enormity of the problem.

Climate Week NYC 2015 aimed to magnify action on climate change and acceleration to a low carbon economy. The week long events held throughout New York City once again impressed with its high profile speakers and platform for all stakeholders to come together on one issue- climate change.

Main takeaways were: …READ MORE