Who is Transitioning to Green?

We help companies, communities, organizations, and professional associations make sustainability a mainstream, normal business practice, and ultimately the only way business is done.
We recognize that the status quo will not sustain us long term and that change is a must. By responsibly managing supply chains, material resources, facilities, and products, companies can turn today’s sustainability challenges into opportunities to improve all aspects of their triple bottom line, simultaneously benefiting people, the planet, and profitability. Working with a sense of urgency, we meet clients where they are, and if necessary, start by creating small wins for our clients, and build on them to ignite contagious passion and enthusiasm amongst all stakeholders.
  • We believe in collaboration: the challenges to our planet are so great, no one can do it alone.
  • We believe there are many ways that organizations can embrace sustainability AND improve profitability.
  • We believe the only way for businesses to be profitable in the long term is through sustainability.
  • We believe that employers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders and their surrounding communities can collaborate and co-create, sharing the same principles and values of sustainability.
  • We believe a sustainability culture is critical in creating agile, adaptable organizations in the face of constant change.
  • We believe in giving forward-thinking leaders the knowledge, tools, expertise and resources to create healthy, successful, and  sustainable flourishing organizations.
  • We believe there are solutions.

Welcome to Transitioning to Green

Turning sustainability challenges into opportunities
Transitioning to Green is a global sustainability management consulting firm providing leading-edge client solutions to a wide variety of challenges facing business and organizations from all sectors. We help leaders think in new and creative ways – to be more innovative, collaborative, and effective.

Our aim is to accelerate the cultural and business transformation that is necessary for organizations and our world to be more sustainable.

Developing a culture for sustainability
As a trusted advisor and strategic partner, we unleash organizations’ power to mainstream sustainability into every aspect of their culture. A sustainability mind-set and culture is critical to engage employee passions and ignite inspired performance.

The tools, expertise, and knowledge that can make it happen
We help organizations transition into sustainable enterprises by sharing our expertise, tools, and solutions with those who seek greater sustainability in their organizations and the world – for today and the long-term.

Highly experienced sustainability professionals help you lead your organization to a sustainable future
Transitioning to Green, LLC comprises acknowledged global sustainability leaders with extensive experience in industry, academia, NGOs, and government.

Our team has consulted with a wide diversity of companies and contributed to advancing the field of sustainability through client projects, action research, delivering training and workshops, keynote speaking at national and international conferences, and extensive publishing.

Sustainability Clients

Sustainability Affiliates and Collaborators